Wake up Slow

What better way to kick off the March 2018 SOL challenge, if not with me slicing about how I woke up with my cats…  It’s like a tradition at this point.

Fuzzy paws tap my face with a medium force.  He doesn’t hurt me, but he’s not exactly gentle, either.  Coming out of sleep I hear the pleasant sound of a rain shower outside.  I love the sound of rain.  I love the smell of rain.

Ferris doesn’t care about these things.  Ferris cares about breakfast.  Ferris continues to tap my face until I finally open my eyes.  Once he notices my eyes are open the gentle purring vibrations begin.  Then come the sweet, silky head-butts, a.k.a. brain bonds.  Although the face-tapping isn’t always enjoyable, I don’t think there’s a better way to wake up than with the love of a cat.

Then I feel the pressure of another one, crawling up my leg, onto my belly, and finally resting on my chest.  Whiskey knows I’m awake, and he wants breakfast too.  My poor husband thinks he’s lucky they don’t “disturb” him in the morning… but he’s mistaken.  I love my morning cuddles.  It’s why I like to wake up slow.

10 thoughts on “Wake up Slow

  1. You wake up to super cute cats and I wake up to the incessant beep of the alarm….you win!
    I love the comforting feel of this slice and the mention of rain makes me think of how much I love to snuggle in some more on a rainy day! I can’t wait to read more this month!

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  2. First off, I’m so jealous your cats are cute in the morning! My cat is a monster…but you totally gave me an idea for a future slice about her! I love how you describe your little fur babies! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to future slices about your cats.

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  3. The way you’ve described this moment: fuzzy paws tap my face, purring vibrations, sweet silky head butts, resting on my chest…I want that too, and I’m not a cat person. When your writing causes your reader to want something they don’t even like…that’s good writing! 🙂

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