If the Shoe Fits…

I feel guilty for not keeping up with my daily slices. I didn’t intend to slack, but life happens. Grades are coming due, Easter is hatching quickly (I’m hosting), and I’m catching the inevitable “thing that’s going around”, so, sadly, I slacked on slicing. Ah, life. Never a dull moment. In any case, laughter is important, and I’m wearing your laugh for the day.

As mentioned, I’m not feeling too well. It was worse last night. I even had a legitimate fever. So I battled it with some good ole Tylenol and sleep. I awoke to insensitive paws asking me for food. They did not care that I was not feeling well. Ferris and Whiskey were fed about twelve hours ago, and they wanted their breakfast. And so, my day began…

Breakfasts, lunches, clean clothes, brushed teeth, hair and makeup, sky blue schoolbag, and last, but certainly not least, shoes. I slip on a left. I slip on a right, fish out my keys, and head out the door.

As I’m driving I feel sleepy and a little “off”. Yellow sun sparks a headache, and I realize that I forgot to take some Tylenol before I left. Darn. I wanted to win this battle against the bug. Ah well. Maybe a coworker will have something.

I get to work, sign in, and proceed down the hall to the teacher’s lounge. In addition to the tiredness, the “off-ness”, and the aching head, a new feeling comes over me. It’s an odd sensation that one leg is longer than the other. I think to myself, “Wow, I must really be coming down with something.” Of course, I look down to check that both my legs are indeed the same length, and what I see makes both humor and humility wash over me.

I'm not sick, I'm just a ditz...

Two different shoes.  A black moccasin, and a black dress shoe.  The dress shoe has a slight heel.

Alas, I’m not sick… I’m just a ditz!



6 thoughts on “If the Shoe Fits…

  1. I leave before my husband goes to work. I get dressed by the closet light and a small bedside lamp. I’ve had some much big fashon blunders! Hope you feel well soon!


  2. You are brave, indeed. I used to have a recurring dream about wearing different shoes to work. I thought you were going to say you wore house slippers, anyway you showed up and made the best of it!


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