Next Time I’m Using Tape

Click, grab, pull.  Click, grab, pull.  Click, grab, pull.  Shake it out.  Click, grab, pull.  Click, grab, pull.  Click, grab, pull.  Shake it out.  Repeat.

Does anyone else despise pulling staples out of bulletin boards as much as me?  When you think of things you dislike, pulling staples out of bulletin boards might not immediately come to mind… until you dislodge about a hundred of them all at once.  It is such a tedious, time consuming, annoying chore.  On a bright note, it’s quite a hand workout, which means I can justify not going to the gym today.  The glass is half full.

Click, grab, pull.  Click, grab, pull.  Click, grab, pull.  Shake it out.  Repeat.

Choir dismisses.

“MS. MILBOURN!” A few of my girls shout my name as they troll down the hallway.  You know, it’s actually really sweet.  It’s third quarter, and I feel like some of my students like me still.  They really like me!  Of course, they shouldn’t shout my name down the hall, but seeing as school is out I let it go.

“Whatcha doin’?” They inquire.  Can’t they see what I’m doing?  ‘Lose the attitude.’  I think to myself.  ‘They’re making conversation.  Remember, they still like you.’

“Well, I’m pulling these staples from this bulletin board.”  I reply.  Click, grab, pull.

“Why?” The circle interrogates.  For fun.  This is what I do for fun, in my spare time.  Click, grab, pull.

I sigh, “Well, because I need to take my decorations down and get it ready for the next teacher.”  Click, grab, pull.

“Oh.”  They pause.  “Well, you missed some.”  How can they be ‘missed’?  I’m not done yet!

“Yep.  Here’s some more!”  Oh, there they are.  I didn’t see them. 

“Oh, Ms. Milbourn, don’t forget down here!”  Oh, do continue to point out how many more staples I have to pull…  Click, grab, pull!

“Well, have a good day, girls!”  I reply.  “I’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Bye, Ms. Milbourn!”  Turning on the spot they start to sing down the hallway, and I assume the rest of the way home.  They really are sweet.  They don’t know what an annoying task this is to me.

Click, grab, pull.  Click, grab, pull.  Click, grab, pull.  Shake it out.  Repeat.


10 thoughts on “Next Time I’m Using Tape

  1. Welcome to slicing! You’re going to love it! The repetition here is great and I have a snippet of advice for your staple pulling future…there is a genius of a staple remover that just slides them out. it is an addicting piece of office supply for certain. I kind of like removing staples when I have it. 🙂


  2. Oh am I glad you are here writing with us!!! I laughed throughout the entire piece. The fact that I know you makes it even better – I can hear your voice (the one that’s in italics) and it made me laugh even more. Welcome, you clever writer, you!

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  3. Yes, pulling staples out is annoying. I hate the grabber tool I think you are using. I found a tool that you slide under the staple and lift it up. Kind of like a miniature spatula. Too bad the girls didn’t offer to help. Maybe turn the job into a Tom Sawyer painting the fence situation. Welcome to slicing!


  4. Mariel…Yeah! You did it! I love that you focused on a small single moment, yet got across the annoyance of the task at hand, your inner thoughts, dialogue from your students and stopping to realize that they like…no…love you. Can’t wait to continue reading!

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  5. HA! That is truly one of my least favorite jobs in the world. Out of bulletin boards is easy–it’s out of WALLS that’s really upsetting. I once had a student who loved taking staples out of walls–that was such a great end of year. Usually kids want to use that little stapler remover thing, but once they realize what a pain it is, they lose enthusiasm. I love your internal monologue!

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