Vampires go to hell though, right?

I made it to the gym today. Yay. In truth, it's not bad once I get here. It never is. It's getting here. That's the problem.  Even though I always feel better, lighter, more energised after, there's something in my brain, at home, that says the gym is hell, and, like hell, should probably be … Continue reading Vampires go to hell though, right?

On Trying to Build Better Reading Habits

I have the house to myself today, at least for a little while.  My husband is at Adepticon with a friend, and while I have plenty of un-fun things to do; laundry, dishes, kitty boxes, the gym... oh God, the gym; well, they're boring, and I simply don't wanna. I also don't want to tune into … Continue reading On Trying to Build Better Reading Habits


I knew it was going to snow, but I didn't expect this.  I'm disappointed in the atmosphere's choice of frozen precipitation, but there's something very interesting about this snow.  It falls at a pace that is calm, but fast.  It's perfect and movie-like.  Seemingly fake, but real.  I can't quite decide how to describe it. … Continue reading Snow

Thank you

She sits in the dark dining room, alone, eating her dinner. It's a sensible dinner of green beans and, I think, chicken dusted with black pepper.  My fuzzy memory pictures small orange cubes contrasting with the shades of green and beige food against the plate.  Perhaps, carrots?  To be honest, I didn't really focus on … Continue reading Thank you


The blinking cursor taps on, off, on, off. It's waiting for me to think of something. I don't want to miss another day of slicing. Gray, bold "Title" stares me down.  It has the easy job.  It knows what to say. What is that hyphen doing in the parenthesis to the left of "Title"? Stereotypical … Continue reading Title

I needed it…

Is there anything as good as that first sip of coffee on a tired Friday morning?  Probably, but in the moment it doesn't seem like it.  Will this be a day I need that coffee?  Or, will this be a day... with coffee.  There's a significant difference. It's Friday, and it's payday.  So I get to … Continue reading I needed it…

Wake up Slow

What better way to kick off the March 2018 SOL challenge, if not with me slicing about how I woke up with my cats...  It's like a tradition at this point. Fuzzy paws tap my face with a medium force.  He doesn't hurt me, but he's not exactly gentle, either.  Coming out of sleep I … Continue reading Wake up Slow

Cherokee Pottery

Oh, dear!  Already I have missed a day.  It came as quickly as it went.  Well, that's disappointing... but there's no use staying in the past.  I may as well move forward. Here's a moment from yesterday: They were so loud, but... They were working together.  They were using their problem solving skills to figure … Continue reading Cherokee Pottery